Here are the two style for the copilot's panel. To the left is the standard; to the right is the alternative style using custom gages. Further below, is the completed panel and close up views. For the standard style, using the original six-pack gages, click here.

 Mooney panel copilotMooney panel copilot alternate

                                            Copilot's Standard Panel                                                Copilot's Alternative Panel

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The next three photos show the new layout. Notice that with no plastic covers, the new instrument panels can be powder-coated (or painted) to match the interior of the aircraft.

For this particular upgrade, the existing avionics were retained. The old six-pack instruments were replaced with new digital instruments. The equipment exchange and new panel lightened this airplane by about 8 pounds.

 Mooney panel full alt

 Mooney panel pilot altMooney panel copilot alt


KNR, Inc. sells the complete upgrade kit with FAA PMA parts, which includes both cut-out instrument panels and a radio rack topper (see below), installation manual, most of the hardware and the FAA STC approval. This procedure does require an IA mechanic to return the airplane to service. There is some airplane structural modification - the old copilot's panel must be cut out. The new panels will need some minor filing for fit.  After fitting, you will have to apply paint or powder coating ($60 to $90) and airplane placards ($75). We can do baked powder coating and placards at those prices plus shipping. The panel upgrade kit costs $2,195.00. For a turnkey retrofit with STC approval, the cost (excluding avionics) is about $4,500 - job complete, at the KNR maintenance facility in Evanston, Wyoming (KEVW).

Mooney panel blank


There are several things to consider when upgrading. Here is a list.


For more detail about this panel upgrade, use this link to an archived ShopTalk article, from 2004 MAPA magazine.

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