Mooney Replacement Instrument Panel Kit
Before choosing a KNR, Inc. replacement instrument panel for your Mooney, please consider the following:

  1. This kit, KNR part no. CB201I-KIT, FAA PMA, Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) SA00600DE is only for Mooney M20C Serial No's. 1940-690000; M20D Serial No's 201 and up; M20E Serial No's. 101-690000; M20F Serial No's 66003-690000; M20G Serial No's 68001-690000
  2. The standard kit panels are cut for the instruments and accessories as depicted on the next page. There are some options included and these options must be decided when ordering. If modifications are necessary to accommodate non-standard accessories or instruments, customization is possible. Contact KNR, Inc. for a detailed quote.
  3. Extra long turn coordinators may not fit. The S-TEC 30 turn coordinator/auto-pilot computer is too long. All Brittain P.C. or other standard length turn coordinators will fit.
  4. Post lights are available in black or gray with either red or corrected white (blue/white) lenses. Please specify when ordering.
  5. The radios will now be vertically stacked (one column), therefore only digital NAV/COMM radios will fit.
  6. The holes for NAV heads are cut to nominal size. Some trimming (filing) of the panel may be needed for non-standard sized NAV heads.
  7. The radio circuit breakers are not supplied. Only Klixon 7274-2 series will fit.
  8. All black brass instrument screws and panel shock mounts are supplied.
  9. The instrument panels are Alclad. Before final installation, they must be painted or powder-coated.
  10. Required and/or optional placards are not supplied as there are many different configurations.
  11. Estimated installation time is 45 man-hours.
  12. The mounting brackets for the pilot's panel differ between the electric gear and manual gear Mooneys. Please specify which when ordering.
  13. The engine/fuel six-pack cluster gage mounting configuration is different for 1968 model Mooneys. Please specify when ordering.
  14. The engine/fuel six-pack cluster gage may be replaced with STCed gages from Electronic International (Volts/Amps, Oil Temp/Pressure and CHT) and Aerospace Logic (electronic fuel). We do not supply these gages, but if they are to be used, please specify the optional copilot's panel when ordering.
  15. A 1” UMA vacuum gage is recommended. It is not supplied in the kit.
  16. The copilot's panel can be cut to accommodate a NAT AA80 or PS Engineering PM1000 intercom system as well as a stereo input jack. Please specify when ordering.
  17. The original Naugahyde & foam instrument panel glare shield will fit in its original shape and position. Mooneys were individually built and some dimensional variation is normal. Therefore, some trimming (filing) of the instrument panel perimeter may be necessary.

Suggested List Price (standard or alternate kit) $2195.00
Please call or email for dealer pricing.